MAXTRAP105 Vacuum Cold Trap

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Manufacturer Cascade

Cascade’s MAXTRAP105 is not an ordinary lab-grade cold trap. Cascade has integrated features necessary for time-sensitive, high-throughput, production-focused vacuum purging or drying applications.

Temperatures to -105°C
UL & CSA Certified
Eco Refrigerants
4 ft of 1″ Dia Vacuum Tubing with KF-25 Flanges on each end, KF-25 clamps, centering rings
Large KF-25 Inlet & Outlet
Stainless Steel COLDWELL Trap Insert

MAXTRAP105 Cold Trap Includes:

  • Cascade’s COLDWELL 304 Stainless Steel Trap Insert (Patent pending baffle system)
  • 3 Quart Capacity (2839 ml)
  • Viton Gasket for Vacuum Integrity
  • Labconco -105°C Refrigerated Base
  • Green CFC / HFC Free Refrigerants
  • Power Cord
  • 3mm Neoprene Insulator Cap
  • Requires 800ml (~ 3.5 cups) of a transfer fluid such as ethanol. Not Included. Cascade recommends: ethanol, glycol, cryo-cool fluids
  • Quality Made in USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Connection Lines and hardware: 4′ of 1″ Diameter Vacuum Tubing with KF-25 Flanges on each side. KF-25 clamps, centering rings for the connection tube

Safety - At very cold temperatures, solvents and even oxygen can re-condense back into liquid. This is potentially explosive. Liquid oxygen is a light blue color and can condense into a cold trap if a pump has sucked air through the trap when the trap is very cold. Always follow your standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.

Don’t Stop: Keep Processing while trap is being reclaimed, cleaned, refreshed
Cold traps can become full or the captured material freezes and blocks flow. For high moisture, outgassing, 24 hour processing/vacuum purging consider adding a second, spare COLDWELL trap.

The secondary COLDWELL can be dropped into place so processing continues while the full trap is cleaned, defrosted.

Quick Start Up Tips:

  • Remove shipping foam from reservoir bottom prior to use
  • Fill reservoir with 800ml (+/-3.5 cups) ethanol to marked line
  • Monitor ethanol levels inside reservoir
  • Allow at least 30 mins for trap to cool
  • Keep side vents clear. Allow at least 4″ for airflow
  • Monitor interior of stainless trap for clogging
  • Short tube – attach to vacuum pump
  • Tall tube – attach to vacuum oven

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