Vacuum Ovens

If you need something to be both in a vacuum and heated, you could launch it into the infinite void of space in the general direction of the sun, or you could put it in a vacuum oven. We think one of these two solutions is clearly far more practical.

Should you choose the less practical solution, however, we recommend recording it and posting it on YouTube because that would be crazy.

  • No sale
    Digital desktop vacuum ovens 0.9-5 cu ft, up to 150°C, optional heated shelf and pumps
      from   $ 1,350 USD
  • No sale
    One of the largest standard vacuum ovens, 9.3 cu ft, ambient +15°C to +220°C, vacuum options
      from   $ 17,497 USD
  • No sale
    For high production low temp vacuum purging, Ambient +14.4°C to 150°C, 9.3 Cu ft
      from   $ 15,997 USD
  • No sale
    Remarkable temperature stability, 4.5 Cubic Ft, Ambient +14.4ºC to 150°C, vacuum options
      from   $ 9,247 USD
  • On sale
    Fuzzy logic, easy to read display, Real time programming, 0.8-3.9 cu ft, up to 200°C
    $ 8,599 USD   from   $ 7,739 USD
  • On sale
    Servotherm heat transfer shelves system, touch screen, 0.8-3.9 cu ft, up to 250°C.
    $ 11,294 USD   from   $ 10,164 USD
  • On sale
    Large capacity, Watlow Controller Capable Of 40 Step Ramp, 9 cu ft, up to 220°C
    $ 21,143 USD   from   $ 18,020 USD
  • On sale
    Achieve Impressive Vacuum Levels, 0.6-4.5 cu ft, up to 220°C
    $ 5,728 USD   from   $ 4,713 USD